New offer for Tolhurst Organic customers

As of 10 May, Box Scheme customers can order from Extras a fantastic local organic product – apply juice from St Crispins Farm. It is a 29 acre farm in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Jane Bywater took on some once neglected orchards and started a new planting scheme in 2013, with 100 new trees. St Crispins Farm is organically certified with UK Organic farmers and growers Association St Crispins Organic Apple farm exp Aug 16.
The juice is pasteurised and has a year shelf life. It comes in 75 cl bottles, retailing at £3.75.
Box Scheme customers can order it from our Extras list.
Veg Stall customers will see it on the stand, instead of our own Tomato Juice, which is now sold out.

Tolhurst scheme


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