BACK TO EARTH: UK Organic Horticulture through the Lifetime of a Grower

by Iain Tolhurst

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The book BACK TO EARTH: UK Organic Horticulture through the Lifetime of a Grower by Iain Tolhurst  is a compilation of Iain’s articles written for various magazines, websites and media.

In essence, the book reflects the processes and developments of the organic horticulture in the UK, during the last four decades (1980 – 2016). This is the time when conventional agriculture in the UK turned, gradually, to organic farming (hence, ‘back to earth’), and more recently – stockfree organic farming has secured its place among innovative, resilient farming methods.

The aim of the book is to share with professional growers, agricultural students, as well as the general public, the wonderful but hard experience of a full-time grower, member of the organic farming movement and inspiring teacher.

The contents portray developments in the market place, organic growing techniques, regulations and standards, all intertwined with political circumstances and international
market trends. You may find some similar articles, and this is because Iain returned throughout the years to the issues he felt most passionate about to put them in a new light of his experiences, tuned in with new realities.

The book ends with a story, in which Iain reflects on his lifetime experience, lessons learned and thoughts for the future.

Anyone who has been involved in the organic movement will find an echo of their own experiences and emotions, be it organic farming, teaching or simply eating.
For young and future farmers the book will serve as an inspiration into a lifetime of dedication and love for land and soil health. They will also find a wealth of practical advice on growing crops, controlling diseases and planning for the future.

For Iain Tolhurst himself, the book is a profound account of his personal achievements, not without a fair share of struggle and desperate at times, but ultimately positive.