The food produced here is the product of an entire journey. The journey is one which deeply involves many people who come here, creates a model for Stockfree Organic farming, supports an idyllic rural lifestyle and provides soul food for those who work here and good food for ourselves and our families. Our aim is not to supply every family in the south but to farm with an emphasis on education and conservation. Our farming system not only helps to minimise harmful effects on the environment but feeds you and your family as well.

  • One of the longest running organic farms in the country, we have been looking after food and land for 40 years now. Our organic certification with the Soil Association began in 1976.
  • We have a very low carbon footprint. Compared with supermarket conventional produce, we are 90% more efficient.* Our whole farm produces the same amount of carbon as the average household and supplies 400 families, so we are probably one of the greenest box schemes available.
  • Your money will be supporting local communities: over 85% of what we earn goes directly back to the local community. This has far-reaching environmental and social benefits.
  • We train and educate farmers and growers for the future, helping to reduce the environmental impact of food production.
  • We have been highly acclaimed by many environmental and organic organisations.
  • We grow a high percentage of our own vegetables, whereas many large box schemes buy from other producers, often from overseas. Wherever possible we only use local UK produce when we do have to buy in during the “hungry gap”.
  • We produce our vegetables without the use of by-products from animal farms and we were the first farm in the world to be awarded the Stockfree Organic Symbol.
  • We grow your food with love and care for the environment.

*As verified by Prof. Tim Jackson, BBC Climate Change special programme March 2007.