BACK TO EARTH – UK Organic Horticulture through the Lifetime of a Grower (c),  by Iain Tolhurst is coming out of print in September, 2016, to mark the 40th anniversary of Tolhurst Organic. The book is self-published and it is a compilation of Iain’s articles since 1981, published in various media. Read more about the book here

To illustrate the book, out of thousands of photographs from the farm we chose 40, which best represent the place, the people and the effort involved in building a hub for agroecology. It was difficult to choose, as we cherish every moment we have at the farm.

Professional artist from Ireland Isobel Baldwin is illustrating the book, using those 40 images. Isobel helped on the farm during the formative years.The pictures are beautiful!

We need your help in publishing the book and are inviting you to become part of it.

By sponsoring one of the illustrations in the book, you will receive a framed copy of the illustration and  your name will be mentioned as Sponsor, in the book.

by Isobel Baldwin
We will be issuing a series of post cards, based on the book illustrations, and every illustration will have its sponsors credited.

As well as a special invitation to the book launch – there is a lot to get back!

So, are you interested?

Sponsorship starts at £25.00 for an A6 illustration, £40.00 for A5 and £50.00 for a full page A4 illustration.

Email us with an expression of interest and we will show you all designs to choose from.


As ever, we rely on support  from customers and friends and are doing our most to give the best in return for your support.

Lin in Victorian greenhouse