Tolhurst Organic is making a VegShed for All Seasons

Tolhurst Organic, a leading organic vegetable grower in the Thames Valley, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to build an off grid open-all-hours VegShed selling freshly-harvested produce, customers just pay into an honesty box.

The campaign to raise £7,600 to build the VegShed was launched at the Tolhurst Organic Squash & Pumpkin Festival on Sunday 30 September.

Iain Tolhurst, who leads the Tolhurst Organic team growing vegetables at the Hardwick Estate, near Whitchurch-on-Thames explains: “A few years ago we built a temporary veg shed with a few straw bales and some baskets, just to see if people would drop in to buy their vegetables, and pay cash into an honesty box.

“It’s been a great success over the last five years and the straw bales are now gently composting, so we decided to build a bigger and better VegShed for all seasons. We want our wonderful vegetables and fruit to be available to everyone when they want them, which is why the VegShed is open 24/7,” says Iain Tolhurst.

Tolhurst Organic aims to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. They will be using local recycled materials from the Chilterns, making the interior fittings in their workshop, and because there isn’t an electronic till it’s off-grid. The vegetables and fruit, all freshly-harvested that day, are delivered from gardens to the VegShed just half a mile away.

From 29 September the crowdfunding campaign will be open at  Supporters can pledge their contributions and receive rewards which include a farm walk, pots of herb seedlings, pumpkins for Hallowe’en, 25kg sacks of potatoes and much more!

Tolhurst Organic is a pioneering organic farm and has been certified organic for more than 40 years. In 2004 it became the first farm to attain the Stockfree Organic symbol and there have been no animal inputs to any part of the farm since 2008. For more details visit