Thank you for your interest in our farm.
If you are interested in our produce, whether for veg boxes, wholesale, event catering or private parties, please go to the Our Veg page on this site.
If you seek to gain knowledge or information on specific farming questions, please read on.
Our award-winning farm with its unique ”systems approach” to food production has always been in the public eye, and we have been able and willing to share this as much as possible with all who come looking for information. From students doing projects, academics, media people and farmers from all parts of the world, we try to accommodate their interests in our farm.

Recently, with increasing awareness of the problems facing food producers in a world of diminishing resources and the impact of global livestock systems, we have been receiving unprecedented numbers of enquiries about what we do and how we do it. This is now a daily part of our farm.
This is stretching our human resources to the point where we feel we are not able to offer such a comprehensive service to everybody in the way we would like. We are a commercial farm with limited resources. We have to cover our costs and pay our rent and staff, if we are to continue to set examples for others to follow.

There are several ways in which you can gain access to our information services:

Study our website. There is much useful information to be found there. We are trying to update our section regarding trials and experiments to include much of what has been done here over the past four decades.

Subscribe to our e-Newsletter “The Onion Oracle”  you can do this via the website.

Check out or Facebook page Tolhurst Organic as well as FB Iain Tolhurst. If you wish to follow the story of his hand-built yacht see FB Naida’s Story. For those of you interested in woodchip and its use go to FB Woodchip for Soil Health.

Do a web-search for Stockfree Organic. Veganic Growing. Vegan Organic Network. Iain Tolhurst. Lin’s VegShed. Ramial Chipped Wood. Woodchip Compost.

Youtube will reveal a number of films about our farm .

Search the website Organic Research Centre for details of some of our trials work specific to woodchip use on farms.

We have two books published – Back to Earth, 2016 and Growing Green. The latter is available from all book suppliers, the former direct from us.

Apply for a 12-week vocational traineeship on our farm.

Come to one of our seminar/workshops, we do these at various times of the year to cover a range of subjects most include a farm tour. Usually for groups of 8-16 persons. Details are posted on the website/Events and on Facebook in advance. Most take place during the period September to April.

Come on a farm walk, these are usually for groups of people up to 20 maximum and are led by Iain Tolhurst. We also have an education person who does school groups and activity sessions. Farm walks are subject to a fee which will depend on the number of persons attending, and usually work out at around £25 per person.

Have a personal consultation and/farm tour with Iain Tolhurst, this maybe to cover a specific topic or a general farm tour and is charged at a similar rate to farm tours. You may bring as many persons along with you as you wish.

Ask for further details about Farm Tours.

For students wishing to gain specific information we will try to accommodate your requests as best we can, however we regret that we may not be able to meet with you on the farm. For some projects if we feel they have particular merit we will try to meet with you personally.

If there is anything we have missed out, please ask and we will try to help you where we are able.