Iain Tolhurst is a member of the Institute of Organic Training and Advice IOTA and has delivered specialist organic advice to farmers, growers  and students since 1982.

Says Iain: “I have been working part time as an organic consultant since 1982, having been a practising organic producer since 1976. My main area of expertise is with horticulture, vegetable box schemes and stockfree systems. I have visited over 1000 farms to advise on all aspects of organic conversion and production systems both in the UK and overseas.

I have advised in Albania, California, Guyana, Ireland, Iceland, Kosovo, Morocco, Mozambique, USA, Sweden, Estonia and Rep. of Moldova. I also work with various organisations in the UK such as Garden Organic, Organic Research Centre, Soil Association and Vegan Organic Network. I also have annual contracts with several farmers.”

The farm offers three-months traineeships to local and international students and future growers, from April to July and from August to October. For details, please visit our Traineeships page.

Delivering Professional Advice

This can be in several forms. Some will be based at our farm, some at clients’ farm, such as initial feasibility studies and formative conversion planning. Other components can be completed in the office and forward to you.

Requesting Advice, Internship Placements, Farm Walks

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