Tolhurst Organic has teamed with Aston’s bakery to offer you a choice of delicious organic freshly baked breads along with your regular fruit and veg; a great way to get all your groceries in one go!

Established by Syd Aston in 1985, Aston’s is a small artisan bakery that’s been making organic bread and cakes for nearly 30 years! Traditionally based in London, they moved to new premises they moved to Sheepdrove Organic Farm (not far from Hungerford) in January 2014.

All ingredients are organic and locally sourced (Doves Farm of Hungerford is currently supplying most flours) and the loaves are mixed, fermented and shaped by hand, left to proof and then baked on the stone floor of a large deck oven. The fermentation time is long, patience is the main ingredient and no artificial stuff is used anywhere.

All ingredients are organic (except water, salt and yeast). Chose your loaf from the selection below, or visit our ‘Extras‘ page:

  • Yeast free bread:

7 Grain Levain, 800g, £4.10

Sourdough White Tin, 800g, £3.40

Pain au Levain, 800g, £3.70

  • Wheat free bread:

Spelt, 800 g £4.50

  • No yeast & wheat free:

100% Sourdough Rye, 800g, £3.30

  • Gluten free bread:

Maize Flour, Tapioca Flour, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Buckwheat Starter, Salt, Psyllium Husk, 400 g, £4.00

  • Everyday bread:

Stoneground Wholemeal, 800g, £2.90

Sunflower Loaf, 800g, £3.30

  • Speciality breads

Foccacia, 900g £11.00

    • Treats, cakes, loaves,  etc available to order – just ask!