• Tolly (Iain Tolhurst)

    Tolly is the owner and “main brain” at Tolhurst Organic. He designs all cropping plans, gets the seeds, breaks than mends the machinery, and fights with the weather.

  • Lin Tolhurst

    Together with Tolly, Lin started Tolhurst Organic more than 25 years ago. Lin is the finest plant grower, and raises over 100,000 plants every year in her Victorian glasshouse.

  • Chris Hoadley

    Chris is our longest standing worker. He’s been here for 16 years, so he is an inherent part of the farm. Chris’s favourite jobs are all to do with tomatoes. “Me and my tomatoes”, says Chris

  • Rose Tolhurst

    Tolly’s and Lin’s youngest daughter Rose is our Creative Director, when it comes to Fairs and Festivals.

  • Doug and Jane

    Our most loyal and dedicated friends, representing Tolhurst Organic in Oxford area and looking after all Reps and customers there

  • Tamara

    Tamara is Director for Business Development, promoting the business and the Box Scheme. She is responsible for this blog, newsletters, recipes, finances, customer enquiries, and sometimes – catering for farm visitors.

  • Lisa White

    Lisa joined Tolhurst Organic on 18 April as Seasonal Grower. Lisa had 5 years experience in Wales on an organic farm, running a Box Scheme and is passionate about growing good quality produce. Lisa never parts with her dog Nasha.

  • Janine Zibi

    Janine is a trainee from Germany, currently doing a Masters in Organic Agriculture. Janine will be with us until end of September and is very interested to learn about stock free farming on a commercial scale.

  • Arek Adamczak

    Arek joined the team as Lead Grower and he is here with his wife Adelia and son of 3, Arvo. Arek has extensive experience in growing, machinery, field work and will rise to the challenge of managing parts of the farm in time, leading the staff team in agricultural jobs. We wish Arek and his family a warm Welcome and easy settling in.

  • Marie Allen

    Marie is now part of the family and is helping in the office with book keeping and accounts.