• Photo by EvaNemeth.com

  • Photo by EvaNemeth.com

  • Photo by EvaNemeth.com

  • EvaNemeth.com

The VegShed

Situated in the Lower Field, next to Hardwick Estate Gate, RG8 7RA, our Veg Stall is open every day, from 9am to 9 pm in summer, with shorter hours in winter.

The VegShed features our own produce, freshly harvested, seasonal or stored at the packing shed.

It is a self-help venue, with a cash box available for customers, and a small change box.

We are proud to live in a community with crime levels next to none. We trust our customers and do not intend to appoint an assistant, as this would put the prices up, significantly.

Although we are keen to stock the VegShed as much as we can, our Box Scheme has priority, therefore Box Scheme customers will get a greater choice and variety than stall visitors. You can sign up to the Box Scheme here.

For details or suggestions, please leave a note in the cash box, or send us an email.