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  • Photo by EvaNemeth.com

  • Photo by EvaNemeth.com

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Lin’s VegShed

Situated in the Lower Field, next to Hardwick Estate Gate, RG8 7RA, our farm shop “Lin’s VegShed” is open every day, at all hours.

The VegShed features our own produce, freshly harvested, seasonal or stored at the farm.

It is a self-help venue, with an “honesty box” available for customers, and a small change box.

We are proud to live in a community with crime levels next to none. We trust our customers and do not intend to appoint an assistant, as this would put the prices up, significantly.

We ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018 to build the new shop in timber, to give even more to our local community. The campaign raised £8,450 with the support of 114 backers.  As the campaign closed with 110% raised of the target, it came with the saddest news that Lin Tolhurst, the heart and soul of this business, died suddenly on Monday morning of the 12th of November 2018.

The VegShed had been Lin’s project, her idea, and her baby in a way. And we have followed her vision of having a safe and pleasant place for customers to find all we can offer throughout the year. Lin also wanted to run a small self-service cafe at the VegShed, with tea and coffee on offer and biscuits and maybe cakes at weekends. She was often saying how people could stop in their walks or rides and have a cuppa in the shade. Our seasonal Pop-up Cafe happens at weekends, run by the VegShed manager Eugena Tolhurst. For the next cafe date, please follow our FB page Tolhurst Organic.

We have dedicated the new VegShed to Linda Tolhurst, a small gesture of appreciation for everything she did in this business since she founded it with Tolly in 1976.