Veg, Fruit, Bakery, Flowers

Due to disrupted supply, we have limited the choice of bags in April to 2 Veg Bag options and 1 Fruit Bag option. This is a temporary measure for the pandemic period while we adjust our supplies.

We supply in-season organic vegetables and fruit delivered to your neighbourhood weekly, via a Neighbourhood Reps’ scheme. Almost all vegetables are harvested the day of delivery to guarantee their freshness. The bags will vary from week to week according to the season and availability of produce. Unfortunately you cannot choose the contents of your bag – if we were to pack to individual requirements it would double the cost, so this approach keeps our box scheme affordable and accessible to all. We accept orders for fruit and bread only if they are accompanied by an order of veg, which is what we specialise in.


The delivery round covers Reading, Pangbourne, Wallingford, and Oxford areas every Thursday.

Our produce is dropped off to points run by Neighbourhood Reps. As well as helping to keep prices down, this way of delivery minimises food miles to almost zero. To find your nearest drop off point in Reading or Oxford, please Email us with your post code, or place an order. Pangbourne and Whitchurch-on-Thames customers can benefit from door-to-door deliveries.

Public Events and Markets for Tolhurst Organic Customers

Every year our customers will be invited to a series of events at the farm, to join a farm walk and anjou a family day out. Our Mulberry Fayre in august and Squash & Pumpkin Festival in October have proved to be very popular with the local community and all customers. During the event you can meat our team, Tolly, the grower, our volunteers and staff and chat about things that you like or don’t like. To hear about our upcoming events, sign up to our Newsletter on Home Page.

Our weekly markets at Wallingford in the Regal Centre – the Wallingford Local Producers Market – are a good alternative to pick up fresh organic veg for those who cannot sign up for the Box Scheme weekly deliveries. Starting with January 2015, we will be at WLPM every Saturday, from 10 am to 1 pm, except for 5th Saturday of the month. Visit us at the market and top up or have a chat with Tolly, Lin or Tamara.


To allow some flexibility with contents we have a list of Extras available,  so that you may order extra items, such as quantities of potatoes, carrots, onions, salad packs and less usual things such as organic flowers.

Our Neighbourhood Reps

We use a system of distribution that relies on dropping our produce to collection points around our delivery area. Orders are placed with the reps, and produce collected from them. There are many good reasons for doing this:

  • It reduces the cost of delivery and means that you get the best value for money.
  • It reduces energy use and lowers our carbon footprint.
  • It allows for the efficient re-use of packaging. Recycling becomes a practical reality as customers are able to return their bags for re-use.
  • It introduces an important social element to food: people meet up once a week with their neighbours, chat and get to know each other.
  • It provides a local link to the farm, reducing our administration time and allowing us to get on with growing food.

We have over 30 neighbourhood reps across our delivery area, so hopefully there will be one within walking or cycling distance from you. Each neighbourhood rep looks after about 15 customers. Contact us with your address and we’ll let you know if we have a rep in your area and how to get in touch with him/her.

If you are in an area that we presently do not cover and are interested in becoming a neighbourhood rep contact us for more details. You get to meet local people and are rewarded with free vegetables fresh from our farm.