The future is planted today


By the end of this month (weather permitting) we should have completed planting up 7 acres of agroforestry in one of our fields. A total of 660 mixed hardwood native trees in strips inter-planted with 60 apple trees. The area between the trees will continue to grow vegetables as we have done for decades hopefully aided by the trees bringing increased bio-diversity and shelter to the site.

This project has been granted to us by the Woodland Trust, and is part of a large programme to promote Agroforestry within horticultural units.

The species we are planing are alder, birch, maple, hornbeam, oak, whitebeam, wild cherry. We also plated 60 apple trees within the area.

So in 2-3 years we will be starting to harvest apples from the site to add to our range of vegetables. Stay with us, to enjoy some delicious cooking, juicing and eating apples.


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