The farm is a popular traineeship destination for future growers and students in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture. We have had students from Germany, Holland, Finland, Canada, Moldova, New Zeeland, Sweden, France, Switzeland, Italy. We are now accepting applications for 2019 season.
We have been growing organically on this site since 1987 and are able to demonstrate:

  • Stockfree field vegetables on 17 acres, an intensive rotation with widespread use of long and short-term green manures.
  • Intensive garden crops in a 2 acre Victorian walled garden, again utilising intensive green manures and own produced composts.
  • Out-of-season production in 17,000 sq feet of tunnels and glasshouse utilising our own vegetable compost.
  • Own-plant propagation facilities in our dedicated greenhouse producing over 120,000 plants per year.
  • Agroforestry within horticultural units.
  • Direct marketing. All our produce is sold through our own weekly box scheme distribution round, local market and farm gate shop .
  • Woodchip composting for small-scale users.

Traineeships last usually for 3 months, from April to mid July and from mid July to October. Please, note, all applicants should be 21 or over. All trainees live on the farm for 3 months and fluent English is essential.

The 2018 Traineeship programme is now complete. You can apply for a 2019 placement, by emailing us your Motivation Letter and CV at