What’s to come in your weekly Veg Bag

Welcome to all our new and return customers!
It is ironic that we are so sought after now, during a crisis. And double ironic, that this is at a time when our own produce is dwindling surely into the annual “hungry gap“.
Four months ago, or even 6 weeks ago, should this surge in demand happened, we would be singing and dancing. We had so much produce, we had to give it away and turn some crops in. But then, we wish this crisis never happened at all! Too much anxiety, suffering and turmoil all over the world, so in no way are we celebrating this resurgence in popularity of locally produced food.
So, what do we have right now? From the 2019 season we still have:

Photo by Eva Nemeth

Potatoes (for another 2-3 weeks). They may be a little wrinkly or soft, but just as tasty and if anything, they will cook faster. We are adding a good extra helping of 300-500 grams to every bag, to make it for the eventual wastage.

Onions – still in almost perfect condition. But they have a brilliant clock inside, which is ticking and little green shoots will appear, so we won’t have them by the end of April either.

Beetroot – we actually still have a lot of it. It will become almost the only item from the farm in 3 weeks. We have it in small, large and giant sizes. Best for boiling or steaming and then sliced and seasoned with a marinade of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and black pepper.

Leeks – rather slow to harvest now as we are clearing patches that we wouldn’t harvest in other times. But with our orders doubled, we are trying to get everything that we have, fresh from the farm.

Black radish – don’t miss it in your bag. Peel the black skin and grate it in your salad. Yum! Not for long though, another week or so.

Leafy greens – these have become patchy and we are making bags of mixes – baby kale, baby chard, kalettes shoots and spinach. They are all fantastic in stir-fries. Please share with us your idea of using them in your favourite dishes. We have our FB page where you can send us your images and recipes.

Lettuce in tunnels

We still have some mixed salads and spinach, however these are in tiny supply now, so we only keep them for Lin’s VegShed.

For the rest of your Bag contents, we work with our brilliant organic wholesalers. They have lost their restaurant trade at this time, which is a blessing in disguise for us. It means we can get reliable deliveries and we are focusing on UK sourced produce first. But alas, thre is not much of it at this time, so interestingly enough, our produce is now supplied by the brave and much affected countries like Italy, Spain and France. Just how they manage to provide such excellent and safe food I do not know!

The new season has lettuce and salad radish coming and before you know it, by the end of April, we should have our first strawberries. These are not very filling foods, true, but the flavours will bring the freshness and liveliness of spring!

So, bear with us, while we sail through the dreadful “hungry gap” and with some luck and good weather we’ll have you all happy and fed with the most luscious of organic veg, in the summer to come. By then the crisis might be over, and we hope you will still be with us.

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