The “hungry gap” cooking ideas

In the vegetable growers’ world this is the time in spring when little or no produce is left from the previous season and the new crops are yet to be planted.
Without imports from hotter climates, it would be a really difficult time of the year to enjoy food and keep fit and healthy.
Luckily, we can reply on our organic wholesalers to supply you with various veg to cook and enjoy raw.

The Sprouted Seeds that you will get every week are UK sourced and are best consumed raw, in salads or sandwiches. However the mixed bean sprouts are also delicious in stir-fry and curries. Potatoes, onions, carrots – these also go wonderfully in the most favourite British dish – the curry.

Mushrooms are always from the UK, really fresh. Have you tried them sliced raw in your sandwich or salad? This is best on the day of delivery. After that they may go a bit soft. Which means they are best in soups, casseroles, stews and stir-fry. If you have plenty of pasta and tinned tomatoes, make a pasta sauce with mushrooms, garlic and olives.

Watercress – UK sourced from Hampshire come in double-wrapped packs to preserve its freshness. Use it raw in salads and sandwiches and a day later you can make a cream of watercress, adding leeks and a potato or two from our 2019 stock.

We still have Borlotti beans, believe it or not, albeit they are at the end of their season. Cook them and use with salad leaves and fresh parsley in wraps.

Just about every veg you get can be used in a quick and wholesome stir-fry – leeks, onions, peppers (imported), carrots, greens.

For refreshing and cooling coleslaw use our roots – beetroot, black radish, celeriac (imported), carrots, leeks, kale. And did you try a home-made  vegan mayo in your coleslaw? It’s really easy to make if you have a Nutribullet. Just whisk together chilled organic soy milk with olive oil, Dijon mustard, sugar and lemon juice.

The Mediterranean vegetables that we will be buying in for this period go best raw or roasted. Their bright colours will pick up any meal. Try roasting squash with green and red peppers, garlic (do not peel it). Add chucks of our onions. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and serve as a side dish to mashed potatoes or other favourites.

The options are endless and possibilities, too, even in this hungry period. Be creative, positive and playful with the produce you have.

We feel that recipes are almost a thing of the past when it comes to veg. New ideas, trials and playing with new flavours in cooking feels empowering and brings us  in tune with the season.


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