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By Tolhurst Organic Published: August 9, 2019

  • Yield: 50 Servings

I make this kimchi style sauerkraut from summer veg in abundance at the farm, while I wait for our white cabbage to grow. It is delicious and extremely flavourful, but I use a starter (brine from another fermented preserve) to kick-start it, otherwise the fermentation process is too slow and spoilage bacteria may take over the good ones. Thus I could end up with a fowl smelling mix.



  1. Wash, peel and deseed all vegetables
  2. Use a julienne blade or coarse grater to prepare the carrots and beetroot
  3. Finely slice celery springs, peppers, Kale and chard leaves
  4. Mix everything well with the condiments, in a large and deep bowl or pot. Use your hands to rub the vegetable until they start releasing their juices.
  5. Place the mix in a glass jar with a wide neck, 2.5 litres in volume. Push the vegetables as much as you can, so that their juices cover the veg.
  6. Pour the starter over and close the jar. Ideally, the mix should fill the jar completely, to avoid contact with air. Your may want to add some grated carrots to fill the jar, their sugar will aid the fermentation process.
  7. Seal the container and place in a dark but warm place for 2-3 days. Best to place it on a tray to collect the juices escaped during fermentation. Check the jar from time to time, making sure it stays sealed.
  8. When you smell a pleasant soured aroma, you can start using your kraut. Keep it in the fridge to slow down fermentation. Alternatively, you can move the mix into smaller jars of up to 500ml, seal them and keep in a cool place for winter.
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