What’s in Season – Lettuce

Winter is the season of root vegetables, and this is not accidental. The roots are full of nutrients and live enzymes. They can be stored in the best possible place – in soil, which means they continue to develop, interacting with the soil’s mirriad of micro-organisms and developing those beneficial bacteria that we all need for a healthy gut and high immunity. Their vibrant colours – ruby, gold, pearl, orange – and their multitude of flavours allow us to eat them in any from – raw in cole slows, steamed, baked or roasted. And while the bags may feel too heavy for your needs, go firmly the extra mile and try to consume all roots at their freshest time within a week.

Green colour though seem to be the most sought after, and since no root will turn green in the soil, we are offering plenty of dark green Kalettes, Chard and January King (indeed!) cabbage.

As a treat, we can supply some salad mixes into Large Bags and what joy! from this week we will be offering tender bright green lettuces grown in our tunnel. They do not seem to mind the frost outside, although we hope the thermometer will not fall below the recent markings of minus 6 outside.

Enjoy while it lasts, fresh and raw in your salad or with your sarnies for lunch.

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