School marks British Science Week at Tolhurst Organic

The farm has been CEVAS certified from 2016, which means we are licensed to receive groups of school children for various subject matters and a great day out.
We now have a working long-term partnership with the Checkendon Primary School, meaning their children visit the farm several times a year, across the seasons, to observe Nature and crops changing.

This week they came to mark British Science Week and set up two simple trials to see the difference with crops with controlled irrigation and leaf to the weather devices. The kids will be coming back to harvest what comes out of their trial setting.

Our Education Programme at the farm is designed around primary school curricula and can be adjusted to every class/subject/interest.

If you know of a primary school that would like to link their classroom teachings with a natural environment lessons, please get in touch with us. We would like to discuss more long-term partnerships with schools.

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