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This year I have designed a series of juices that should help me and my husband improve our general health. The juices have been a success and are now served daily for brunch at the most prestigious restaurant in Moldova – Mezzo at Berds Design Hotel.
I’d like to share the recipes with out readers as we can not only feel the effect of them, but blood test results reinforce our hopes for better help.
First, the juices are pressed cold and consumed immediately. The reason why I went for juices and not for smoothies (aware of the wasted fibre) was that I wanted the nutrients to reach the blood stream as quickly as possible. Smoothies are better for aims such as gut healing and balancing.
Second, the juices are based on vegetables, and not on fruit. Roughly, 60% of the used flesh is vegetables.
The fruit makes about 35%, to sharpen the taste and flavour.
Thirdly, every juice includes a super-food ingredient, which makes only 5%, but is very potent.
Wheat grass powder – for its detoxifying effect
Turmeric powder – for its anti-inflammatory properties
Ginger root – for its energising effect, and anti-bacterial
Aloe Vera concentrate – a few drops, according to instructions, for its alcaline effect.
The above effects, plus the vibrant colour of the juices (green, purple, orange, white) helped me come up with delicate names for every juice, which almost developed into a brand of its own.

Emerald Detox

Kale, green chard – 180g
Kiwi unpeeled – 100g
Wheat grass powder – 1 heaped teaspoon

Summer variations – add cucumber to the veg, replacing 50% kiwi. Of course, if you can source fresh wheat grass in liquid form, it would be ideal. You may also want to try  spirulina or chlorella instead of wheat grass.

Ruby Energy
Beetroot scrubbed – 180g
Defrosted forest berries – 100g
Ginger unpeeled – 1 inch root, or as much as you can take
Summer variations – replace frozen fruit with strawberries, raspberries, red or black currants.
I also use 100% organic aronia juice, 15 ml, instead of berries, in winter, autumn or spring.

Golden Strong

Carrots scrubbed – 180g
Apples any – 100g
Turmeric powder – heaped teaspoon or 2 cm of root

Summer variations – use other yellow flesh fruit such as apricots, mellow, peaches, etc. You can also replace carrots with squash or pumpkin, if you like.

Pearl Balance

Celeriac peeled – 180g
Pear – 100g
Aloe Vera concentrate – 1/4 teaspoon, according to instructions.
As a variation, you can try freshly squeezed orange juice instead of pear. You may also want to try and add a few lemon juice drops to the pears, for a sharper taste.

Do not core, peel or cut stalks of vegetables, unless necessary.

The quantities will be small, enough for two shuts or two small glasses. But you don’t need more.
If consumed first thing in the morning, before breakfast, their creamy thick texture provide an excellent filling snack, that will take away the hunger and you can delay your breakfast by 20-30 minutes, to let the juice reach the blood stream quick and clean. Follow by a small glass of water, to take the after taste away and hydrate effectively.
Please, try and use all ingredients organic. Because these will go straight to your blood, you don’t want chemical residues in them.
Our organic boxes offer a complete range of the vegetables listed above, and you can also order fruit boxes which always feature apples, pears, lemons, oranges, kiwi.

PS “Whatever you do, keep doing” said my kidney doctor last time I saw him after an improvement in my kidney function, and this was a few weeks after I introduced the juices into my routine. So, for me it is kidneys, for Tolly is immunity, for you may be hair, or skin, or liver… Or nothing serious, but these recipes are not therapeutical. They are just a wonderful addition to your daily diet and a fun way to use up your roots. You will need a decent juicer.

PPS I am thinking of designing a fifth juice – Cristal Clean, using Black Radish as a base. What do you recon?

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