What’s in season? Cucamelons!

Our Veg Shed, boxes and market stall in Wallingford are at the best in August, with an enormous range of produce. Tomatoes this
year count ten varieties! All want to be picked and sold as soon as possible, as others are following. French beans of three colours. Same with courgettes. New Zeeland spinach (and no, it is not from New Zeeland). Salad packs for 8-9-10 different leaves in them. Potatoes count three or four varieties.


And this is when our customer numbers plummet, what a pity! All on holidays and on their own allotments!
But we are wondering whether anybody is also groing cucamelons this year?
As always, we like to try new types of veg and after discovering the Kalletes, hugely popular and convenient in winter, this season we are trying cucamelons.
They are the size of an olive, and taste as a cucumber seasoned with lime, so rather refreshing. I imagine that kids might get curious and actually like them. I am going to try them in a salad, although we do have plenty of real cucumbers for that.
But I am really keen to pickle some and see what they are like in winter.
We are yet to come up with a packaging solution as even the smallest containers are too large for them, but cucamelons should find their way to our customers in the days to come. So, watch the space!

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  1. Ken
    Ken says:

    We’ve grown cucamelons for the past two years in our polytunnel and have been delighted with them. They take little room, crop prolifically, and are pest free. They are also very popular with pollinators … in spite of the small size of the flowers it’s common to find a huge bumblebee hanging off one :-)


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