Celebrating together

The Soil Association was 70 in June and we were honoured to be invited guests to a wonderful party and lunch, in the company of HRH Prince of Wales.
Like in 2014, when Prince Charles celebrated the Duchy Originals anniversary and we actually had a chance to chat to him, this time HRH mingled among farmers, growers and supporters of organics and addressed the audience over a delicious organic lunch catered by the Cotswolds Cooks, friends of our friends.
Prince Charles started with a somewhat ironic (for me, anyway) statement about how he had to “survive as a farmer”. But then I realised that his farm business must be separate from his royal estate (or, is it?), hence the risks… Anyway, the point he made, and this completely resounded with our own feelings, is that in their attempts to approach food production without a disastrous impact on soil and biodiversity, they had to rely on PEOPLE. People he knew and trusted, such as his Farm Manager, his Lead Grower, his friends and peers who had the same beliefs and values.
Only by association, communicating and linking with similar farms who encounter similar challenges, do the same amount of hard work, it is possible then and today to survive.
“The hard work must continue and I can only hope you will all keep going.” were the closing remarks.

And we will! With your support and with your custom of buying good seasonal and healthy food from us!

Strawberry dessert

Hummus with potato skin crisps

Budda Bowl


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