What’s in season – June

We are finally out of the “hungry gap”, with our own new potatoes being harvested this week and almost all veg in bags is from our farm, apart from onions and the odd cucumber or mushrooms.
In two weeks we should start our own cucumbers, broad beans and even tomatoes and then your bags will be brimming with succulent fresh summer veg.
As we await the Mediterranean flavour to kick in, with herbs, toms and peppers, the staff are already planting winter crops – 10 or 12 different cabbages, leeks, turnips and swede. Yes, one summer day will feed you all year round.
Kohlrabi seemed to be the secret crop last time at the local market. A few customers didn’t know what it was and how to use it.
I peel it and use in stir fries or summer vegetable medley, but you can also eat it raw cut into sticks, or grated in salads. Easy and tasty!

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