It is a rather dreadful time for us when we have to put the Box Scheme prices up. As much as we want to keep our bags affordable, we also need to look after our staff and from 2017 we are obliged to join government pension schemes and increase hourly wages.
The hard work and dedication proven by staff at Tolhurst Organic commends even higher wages than we are able to offer, however we are aware of our customers’ options and competition around, thus only can make very small price changes.
We hope that you will support us, and will continue to be our loyal customers, and we thank you so much for your custom and support!
Please check our website for weekly contents, offers of Extra fruit and veg and sign-up to our e-Newsletter for regular updates.
At this time we are not changing prices for bread, as these are set and depend on our suppliers’ prices.
So, from 1 July the prices will be as follows:

Small Veg Bag
Medium Veg Bag
Large Veg Bag
Potato-free Bag

Small Fruit Bag
Medium Frt Bag
Large Fruit Bag

6-7 items
8-9 items
11+ items
11+ items

5-6 items
6-7 items
8-9 items





70p (6.6%)
£1 (7%)
£1.10 (5.7%)
£1.10 (5.7%)

40p (6.9%)
70p (7%)
£1 (6.8%)