Clover Preserves are back

We are proud to announce the launch of the 2017 Clover Preserves, this time – organically certified by the Soil Association.
It takes a great deal of time, patience, diligence and organisation to go through the organic certification, especially when it is about processed foods.
We had to start with redesigning and rebuilding our production kitchen at the Walled Garden, then registered the kitchen with the local Environmental Health Officer, then set up a procedure for harvesting the raw ingredients, and set up a traceability system.
I did not want to do it at some point, for our quantities are minute, albeit unique in flavour. But Tolly insisted. Although we would never call them organic, without proper certification, many customers will assume they are organic, and for this reason we cannot afford to compromise our standards and values.
The price stays the same as last year and the range is also the same, but without the Tomato Juice.
We are offering four products:
Tomato Passata

Pizza Sauce

Pasta Sauce

and a sweet chilli sauce ADJIKA made after a Moldovan recipe.

All ingredients are organic, and all vegetables are grown on our farm, apart from chillies and garlic, which we shall try to grow for the next season. We will also have apples from our young orchard, which is part of the Agroforrestry project.
The sauces are available from our veg shop at the gates (open all hours), for our Box Scheme customers, offered as Extras and from our market stall at the Wallingford Local Producers Market, that we attend every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.
Your custom and feedback will be very welcome in person or by email. Enjoy!

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  1. Sue Mallett
    Sue Mallett says:

    These look great – wow I look forward to trying these, particularly the pizza topping. Can we order these at the same time as our regular veg order?


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