Inspiring winter reading

We sold out our stock of books at the 8th Oxford Real Organic Conference earlier this month.

John Curtis, from Vegan Organic Network published his review of the book in the Growing Green International magazine, Winter edition by the Vegan Organic Network. Says John “Organic horticulture farmers will find the book of great interest, and gardeners too I think. For instance, there’s detailed advice on asparagus growing, netting against birds and insects, growing squash, growing strawberries, growing runner beans, and making your own compost for potting on seedlings. There are detailed articles on what earthworms actually do for your soil, implementing beetle banks, and coping with wireworm and leatherjackets. The level of detail, and Iain’s practical experience with these, is something you would struggle to find elsewhere.”

The Organic Grower magazine published by the Organic Growers Alliance, hosts in their latest edition a great review by Tim Dean. “…And then there are the hands on the cover of Tolly’s book – Tolly’s hands. It’s a striking image. Looking at it first it seemed to me that these were the hands of someone twenty years older, but then I gave my own a proper look. That’s what earth does, etching and ingraining; and the only way into the earth, to have any hope of coming to some knowledge of it, is surely through the hands. It moulds them as they mould it.”

Read the entire reviews and order your signed copy here.

Tamsin Borlase, our friend and customer from from Bosley Patch says: I’m enjoying your latest book. Inspiring winter reading, as I formulate my plans for next season. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and love!

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