What’s in season – September

Cauliflower took us by surprise this September, appearing almost out of the blue, some 7 weeks earlier than expected. So we’ve had to rush it through to customers, at the Veg Shed and wholesale.
A good occasion was the Anniversary Party where we catered for 100+ both vegan and non-vegan cauliflower cheese. To make the vegan version, use vegan buttery spread, good quality organic vegetable stock and ground almonds. Delicious! At our Veg Shed you can find some for 50p each, that’s how weather influences market prices.

Sweet corn has done well this year. We have been spoiling our customers for several weeks now. It is so sweet and tender, you only need to heat it up in boiling water and it’s good to eat! If you haven’t tried any yet, come this Saturday 1 October to the Wallingford Local Producers Market to buy some, or even better, come to our Festival on Sunday to enjoy it BBQed.

Tomatoes have suddenly finished, same for cucumbers but our peppers are better than ever and bright red, so you can find plenty at the Veg Shed, market and in your bag if you are a Box Scheme customer.

Awww, and squashes! Of course pumpkins and squashes are now in season. A great big swath of them awaiting for you at the Festival and you can pick your favourite one to carve at Halloween. Available soon on Extras list and wholesale.
Photo by Veda Wildfire

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