Tolhurst Organic is 40!

We marked our 40th business anniversary with the launch of the book, among a hundred plus friends, customers, neighbours and family. What an occasion!
Fellow organic growers from many years and young left the busy harvesting time at their farms to join the celebrations. Not so often that we can just party, be merry and lough over a pint or two.
Our partners Organic Research Centre, Soil Association, Environmental Land Cooperative, Land Workers Alliance, Vegan Organic Network all were present with very kind and warm words of praise.
We had a great team catering for everyone, offering wood fired pizza, sweet corn, salads and cauliflower cheese, all from the farm and our long-term friends from Vintage Roots, suppliers of organic wines and beers offered a generous discount for the occasion. Coincidentally, Vintage Roots were celebrating their 30th business anniversary on the same day! We wish them much success!
The cakes and pizza bases all came from Astons Organic Bakery at Lambourn, our suppliers of organic artisan breads for the Box Scheme.
The day was beautiful, the weather warm and mellow for a late September day and the party went on into wee hours.
The discovery of the day for all of us was the local band Limpopo Groove from Reading, with ethnic tunes, who got everybody dancing and shaking hips.
It was a truly fantastic day, and we would like to thank you all who made it happen!
Photo by Veda Wildfire

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