One Festival at a time

Recently we set ourselves as an events and festival venue and it almost feels like these are too often. The effort of planning, promoting, organising and after-party clearing certainly makes us feel like events may take over the rest of the work at some point. So, we’ve had to pace ourselves and gave up on the August Mulberry Fair which was during holiday times when most customers are away.
The Strawberry Fayre is set to develop and after this years Vintage theme, next year it is going to be all about Dad and Grandad as it will coincide with Father’s Day.
But one event that has certainly become the highlight of the season for local communities and beyond is the Squash & Pumpkin Festival, first Sunday in October.
We first organised it to promote the squashes, but it has now grown into a Harvest community event and judging by how many locals sign up with stalls, games, competitions and workshops – we feel it is an important feature of the local social life.
This year the fourth Squash & Pumpkin Festival will offer an array of entertainment for children, who always come free at our events:
Bertie Slippers live music show at 12 noon, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, Bardica Theatre story telling at 11.30, 1.30, 3.30, pony rides from Noon to 2PM, a Moldovan folk dance workshop at 12.30 and 4Pm, vintage swings and a special stall with kiddies foods.
Adults will be no less entertained, with Mr Reg Troubshort and Mr Abner Turnipseed performing American old time and bluegrass music with cool British humour. They play 5 string banjo, Appalachian dulcimer, guitar, octave mandola, harmonica, and even the tea-chest bass. A ”have-a-go” workshop will be organised for enthusiasts at about 3PM. Follow the Festival Programme at the grounds.
Garden tour and presentation of the newly launched book by Iain Tolhurst at 3PM.
Smarties can try their intuition in the Guess the weight competition, looking at a mighty beast of pumpkin offered for the occasion by Fred Bonestroo, grower at Duchy Organic Farm (which, by the way, is the farm of Prince Charles). So, some royal touch for you at this years festival.
Food-wise, we will be offering Italian (freshly rolled and wood fired oven cooked pizzas) with salad, Home-grown – BBQ sweet corn, British Jacket Potatoes with baked beans or squash sauce, French squash soup, Indian pumpkin curry, English old fashioned cakes, American pumpkin pies, Moldovan (in premiere!) pumpkin sweet pastry, stuffed peppers and aubergine caviar, vegan hemp burgers, freshly squeezed vegetable & fruit juices, and much more!
A licensed bar will feature local ales and cider. Local organic juice for children.
Crafts, bakery, deli, honey, jams, game workshops and much more! Son, don’t miss this!
Entry is £3.50 per adult. Children go free.

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