New plan(t)s for the future

Our customers may be delighted to hear that we planted a new batch of asparagus, to be sold in a couple of seasons. Also Globe Artichokes, which we have never tried before but commend premiums in any Delicatessen and grocery stall. The artichokes will be growing between the trees in our Agroforestry project, along with daisies, daffodils and rhubarb plants. All in an attempt to diversify, further delight our customers and get ahead of the local competition. Photo by Eva Nemeth

globe artichokes
The “Education at the Farm” project is also taking speed. We have applied for CEVAS accreditation for school visits and have already entertained three primary school groups from the region and one all the way from Moldova. Moldovan teenagers visiting enjoyed a TEDx-type presentation and tour and left most exiting about becoming entrepreneurs in the future. FACE membership also allows us to promote our hosting services across the country, through their Countryside in the classroom on-line facility.

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