A new book

The reason we missed two months of newsletters is because we have been busy with a new book. It is a compilation of articles written by Tolly (Iain Tolhurst) and published in various media – magazines, newsletters, websites and conference proceedings, since 1981.
In it you will find the history of the organic horticulture movement in the UK, with its ups and downs, all seen and felt through Tolly’s developing experience as a grower, consultant and teacher.
The book also contains articles with practical advice on growing crops, controlling pests and disease and planning for the future.
The weather reports along the years mirror the recent changes in the climate conditions but most importantly – show again and again how much the livelihood of a grower depends on Nature.
The book is very easy to read, accessible to anyone interested in food issues, and will be beautifully illustrated with moments from the farm.
Book launch is planned for 24 September, when Tolhurst Organic will celebrate the 40th anniversary of organic farming. All customers, Neighbourhood Reps, friends and family will be invited.

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