Onion Notice

We onionare aware that our onion harvest this year has been affected by rot, due to very vet conditions in August. It is a bumper harvest that we have – 6 – 7 tons, and we cannot afford to throw it away.

Our customers will have noticed that the onions look perfect from the outside (which makes it impossible to sort), but as you start peeling them, from the top, there is a layer or two of rotting flesh. Once this removed, the onion is perfect for using.  So far this amounts to max 20-25% of the onion flesh.

We have taken the decision to compensate for the unusable part, by supplying customers with 50% extra onions, at the same price.  If you find this too much to go through with, please let us know.

We appreciate your support and patience in a difficult year as the 2015 is proving to be, yet again.


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