The making of the Leaning Tower of Pizza

the making 1For over 40 years the chimney in our Walled Garden served as a feature of history and fascination to visitors, but never been used. It is leaning very slightly and it was easy to locate by fly-by pilots.

Until this summer when we decided to build a pizza oven for our events, and we needed a tall chimney, to avoid smoking away festival visitors.

Richard and Katel offered to build the pizza oven, Tolly got clay from ”his own quarry” in the field, and what with Pascal helping after school, the pizza oven is set to delight our Squash Festival visitors for the first time.

Tamara made lots of pizza sauce from our own Quadro tomatoes, thyme, oregano and basil, toppings of sweet peppers and onion will be plenty, and even our own basil-infused olive oil for flavouring.

So, don’t miss the big launch at the Squash & Pumpkin Festival on Sunday 4 October

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