Tolhurst Organic in the media

We have had excellent coverage recently, starting with a great little video Permaculture People did on our farm and posted on Youtube.

The Kitchen Garden magazine posted a 5-page feature about our soil management in the September issue (currently on sale in News Agents). We posted a copy of it on-line, if you have good eyesight to see the text.

Two professional photographers have taken on Tolhurst Organic as their project for a full year, to capture the people and the crops, all intertwined with nature and love at our farm.

Walter Scott of the Spirit of the Land is developing his work around alternative land management and in particular the people who carry it out – farmers and growers and the likes who are deliberately working in such ways as to regain a dynamic contact with the land on which we depend and which restore and maintain the vitality of both community and biodiversity.

Eva Nemeth is passionate about gardens and is taking us on a journey of discovering our own fields and gardens through the eyes of a naturalist photographer. You can see some of her recent photographs in our Gallery.

We always welcome passionate professionals to the farm, and would like to share with our customers the great things they write or discover about what we do here.

Last but not least, the Henley Standard published a feature about our recent Mulberry Arts Fayre on 2 August, which was a splendid show of local arts and talent, all topped with fresh home-made food and local beers.

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