I discovered this vegetable in this country, and keep getting surprised when locals ask me what it is and what you do with it. I thought everybody knew it. I even took to the task of promoting it in my country, Moldova, as a novel substitute to the cabbage and turnip. Not that these are bad, but it feel right to bring variety and diversity to your salads and soups, and it also diversifies the popular Carrot & Hummus platter, if you cut them in sticks and enjoy with dips.

Kohlrabi was developed by biologists from cabbage, using mainly the stem, so it ended up as a round aromatic step, with a few leaves, that make it look as a sputnik. By the way, do not discard the leaves, unless they are wilted or yellow They cook alright in stir fries.

It is easy to grow, useful addition to seasonal boxes and baskets, and enjoyed by children and adults if grated in salads, or cut into sticks, raw.

Below are a few favourite recipes of mine, but the versatility of it goes beyond imagination.

Kohlrabi Fritters

By Tolhurst Organic Published: July 6, 2015

  • Yield: 8

You can use potatoes or courgettes to add to the bulk of it or replace the kohlrabi, if unavailable. Vegetarian. Gluten-free. Contains egg.



  1. Press the grated vegetables in a sieve, to squeeze most of the juices. Use the juices for soups or stews.
  2. Add the beaten egg, salt and surgare, mix well and create little rolls.
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the fritters swiftly, turning them once. For about 6 minutes.
  4. Enjoy the fritters hot or cold, with soured cream or vegan guacamole.
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