Clover Preserves_4Thank you all for your fantastic comments and feedback on our new line Clover Preserves. All sauces are sold out now and we have gathered useful insights for the new season.

To start with, we are planting four times more cooking tomatoes than last year. This should allow me to make more of your favourites – the Classic Tomato Sauce, Passata, Pizza Sauce, Sweet Chilli & Tomato Relish “Adjika”, Courgette Caviar. We may also try some fresh soups – chilled and frozen.

The Soil Association are supporting our application for Organic Certification, so that our Clover Preserves can be sold as organic, not just using organic ingredients.

The new production kitchen is coming along great, thanks to a grant received from the Vegan Organic Network It will allow us to increase the production capacity and to make and store enough sauces and soup base for the year to come.

All we need now is some decent weather this summer, to make it for all the great varieties and crops that we are planning for you!

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