A day at the farm – 12 May 2015

young beetrootWe are in the thick of the Hungry Gap and this week is the     worst in the year! Out of 8 items in our Medium Veg bag, seven are bought in. And even this was not easy. Our organic suppliers are suffering too, with almost no UK               produce in stock and what with our desire to keep the price down and affordable, our customers’ loyalty is put to a test!    The only produce we have at the mo’ is chard, beetroot, a bit of lettuce, spring onions suffering from drought, the last of the French parsley and the very last of the spinach.

 This is a reality of the Hungry Gap. Weather is fantastic, it is warm, hot even, people are thinking BBQ and Al Fresco at the weekend, but  Nature is taking its course in getting things ready.
There is a lot to come in the next 2 weeks – young onions, carrots,    lettuce, salad mixes, just bear with us! And with the Hungry Gap.

 And we have had a “badger situation”!

 Just as we started selling our earliest ever crop of strawberries, and the word spread around, it must have got as far as the local badger community, as a whole family must have had a feast in the polly-tunnel the other night, and destroyed the most part of the ripe fruit. Even pink and green fruit – all was devoured. It will recover in some time, but it does mean we are 4-5 days away from the next pick. And we are “treating” the uninvited guests to a potion of 18,000 volts of electric fence. It will not kill any animal, but it should put them off.

badger damage badger damage2

 And we shall make sure we have enough strawberries, in the field, for our Strawberry Solstice on 21 June!

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I am a Tollhurst novice and got quite excited when I explored last weeks (21.05.) veg bag discovering beetroots with their leaves still on; how beautiful they looked with their red veines! Unfortunately supermarkets veg usually lack the green tops even when buying organic – what a shame! This makes me think how much food is produced and trown away before it ends up on shelves. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the most delicious chard, beetroot leaves and garlic stir fry yesterday just adding a few nuts and seedes and a dollup of soya cream – so tender and yummy!

    Half of last weeks water cress got blended with red kidney beans, hazelnuts, a squert of fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. That on ryvita sesame crispbread made my lunch!

    Does anyone have a carrot greens recipe?


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