Here is to summer! Bon appetite!

Remember those bags full of colour, and flavour, and shapes in the summer… We discovered the Lemon Basil, by accident, but it was an all times favourite with customers, it stayed for ever in water and it filled the rooms, the pots and the mouth with flavour and coolness.

We could not have enough of it! We could not let it go! So, we invested in a freezer, a couple of pieces of equipment, and along with the thick and dark-coloured Quondro tomato pulp, we set off to a new adventure – preserving the summer for you. In cooking sauces, passata, dips, pestos and sweet chilli sauces.

We are still a long way away from a full production line, but this season we are testing the market, and are offering a few products, for you to cook with, taste, and offer us your feedback.

All are available in limited amount, and can be ordered as Extras, along with tour veg and fruit, by email. Deliveries on Thursdays, as usual.

MEDITERRANA Pasta Sauce – to remind you of those hot summer days, full of flavours and colours. Ideal for pasta, pizzas, lasagnas and stews. Ingredients: tomatoes*, onions*, sweet peppers*, basil*, organic garlic, olive oil, red wine, chilli powder, salt, black pepper. Weight: 350g, £2.50
* our own organic and stock free

PIZZA Sauce – a home made cooking sauce that will make your pizza flavourful and healthy. All you need to add is a bit of cheese. Ingredients:tomatoes*, onions*, sweet peppers*, basil*, fennel*, organic garlic, olive oil, paprika, salt, black pepper. Weight: 350g, £2.50
* our own organic and stock free


CLASSIC Tomato Sauce – an all rounder, excellent for pasta, pizzas, lasagnas, stews and casseroles. You can even have it on bread. And yes, you will feel that Lemon Basil that we discovered last season. It was a favourite for many! Ingredients: tomatoes*, onions*, sweet peppers*, carrots*, basil*, organic garlic, organic sun flower oil, lemon juice, Cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper. Weight: 300 g, £2.50
* Our oWn organic and stock free.

PASSATA – our own pure tomato juice, reduced, to make your soups and casseroles flavourful and tangy. Ingredients: Tomatoes, organic and stock free. Weight 320 g. £1.00
Roast Pepper Sauce – a very mild and flavourful sweet chilli-type sauce. To be used as a dip or with your sandwiches. Ingredients: tomatoes*, sweet peppers*, parsley*, organic garlic, chilli, paprika, olive oil, sugar, salt, black pepper. Weight 220 g, £2.25
* our own organic and stock free

ADJIKA – sweet chilli sauce, all the way from Georgia. Every household in Georgia has a recipe of this, and they claim theirs is the best. Try this tangy fresh tasting sauce, thanks to apples and carrots in it. It is a winner! Ingredients: tomatoes*, sweet peppers*, carrots*, organic garlic, apples, chilli, sun flower oil, apple vinegar, sugar, salt. Weight: bottle of 220 g £2.25, , jars of 300 g, £2.75
* our own organic and stock free




COURGETTE CAVIAR – Back to USSR! A staple preserve in Soviet times, housewives have come up with the most exquisite recipes for this dip. We use smoked paprika for a surprising flavour and colour. Inrgedients: tomatoes*, onions*, courgettes*, organic garlic, smoked paprika, olive oil, salt, black pepper. Weight 190g, £2.00


Someone asked whether they really contain clover. Well, they do. In a way. Clover is our man green manure that fattens the soil, and produces those delicious vegetables.


Place yuor order ALONG with your veg and fruit, as Extras

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    • Tamara
      Tamara says:

      Dear Jane, we shall start making new sauces once the cooking tomatoes are ready, which will be in August-early September. We should have enough tomato pulp to keep us going through winter. Depending on new packaging and recipes, prices will vary between £1.50 and £3.50


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