Why you should nominate Iain Tolhurst (Tolly) for Best Food Producer

Well, isn’t he a nice, fella, our grower Tolly? He has been growing organic veg for 39 years now (yah, big anniversary and party coming up in 2016), and he has pioneered the stock-free organic system making sure your veg has no trace of animal muck whatsoever.

His farming business is more about growing biodiversity and clovers, than commercial produce, which comes as a gift from the soil he is so lovingly looking after.

Tolly is witty, clever, and a little anoraky about the weather.  But he can tell you all weather records, throughout his farming career. He learned to work and live with Nature, and hundreds of youth are learning this skill from Tolly.

Why not nominating him for the Best Food Producer of the Year with BBC Food Awards, now on-line at https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00w22nz/contact Nomination lines close on 26 January 2015.

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