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Tolhurst Organic have just become Tolhurst Organic Partnership C.I.C. After 39 years of organic farming and leadership in stock-free organics, we are, officially, a company whose utmost interests are in the benefits and health of our customers, of our local community. We are a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, set out to deliver the best organic food, to the expectations of our customers.

We shall continue doing what we have always done best – growing organic vegetables and selling to local communities. With support from our friends, the Vegan Organic Network, the Organic Research Centre, the Soil Association, we will improve our service and will increase our activities in the fields of learning and education, catering, public events and biodiversity enhancement.

This is an exciting time for us, we look forward to new business avenues, and we are inviting all our customers and friends to join us on this new path.

In the weeks to come we will be changing our systems, and we will ask all customers and suppliers to update our contact details with the new name and bank account number.

We would also like to ask all our friends and customers to bear with us, while we go through a few months of transition.

The weather is good, the crops are showing a bumper year, and we can assure you all, that our hearts are with the health of our soil, our plants’ and our customers’.

To celebrate the new endeavour, we are inviting you all to our Mulberry Fayre, on 3 August, where you can learn more about what a Community Interest Company is, and how you will benefit from it.

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