Weather Wobbles

I vowed some time ago to try and not get too involved with moaning about the weather, but it’s what farmers do and I have managed to refrain for quite some while, so here we go again. The reason for my abstinence from weather moans it that until relatively recently there really was nothing much to moan about. I like to try and give credit where it is due, and last summer for us was great, ok it was a bit late getting started and the heat did not turn on until May, but when it did wake up the season was, in growing terms a very fair one indeed.

The cold spring was sunny and that is something we need more than just about anything else-sunshine. Drier than many summers before, we are happy to be able to apply irrigation to our crops and see them visibly grow in front of our eyes. The results were some of the best crops we have seen for many years, this really does help to heal the wounds from the hammering we received in 2012.

Autumn 2013 was sort of OK. Bit wetter than we would have liked during October, but nothing too problematical. November was a dream month; dry, fairly warm and altogether pleasant, this makes life harvesting vegetables in the field most agreeable. The more mature I become the more wary I am of “great weather”, I suffer from weather paranoia syndrome. This term has not been officially recognised by the medical profession, but then most of them have not recognised the value of good food yet either, so recognition of this syndrome may well take some time.

WPS, for those of you in the medical profession, is a mix of human experience, relying on the weather for your income, being overly optimistic and reading too many scientific journals about climate change. The main symptom of this new syndrome is a mistrust of good weather. The patient starts to believe that good weather will be followed by bad weather and begins behaving like a squirrel about to go into labour, running around making preparations for the inevitable gales/rain/drought etc. Then the patient can sometimes be seen to be checking rainfall figures for previous months and years to see if a pattern is emerging, desperately trying to work out if they are in for a bad spell of weather. Well I am over all that now and beginning to recover from the floods that were lapping at the doorway of our packing shed last week, the tide has finally turned and our gallant at efforts at playing King Canute have paid off. My recuperation will be truly complete as soon as the weather gets some deal drier and the sun begins to warm the land and dry the sodden soil.

With warm temperatures spring looks around the corner, what no winter this year then? Hang on a minute, think I have a touch of WPS coming on, where has my seaweed gone?

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