What’s in season – Brussels Sprouts

What’s in a name?

According to EU regulations quite a lot it seems. There was a move a few years ago to ban the use of the word Brussels when referring to sprouts. It would only be allowed for crops grown in Brussels. So does this mean that the city is to be dug up and restored to fields full of Brussels sprouts I wonder? Might be a good way of cutting down on Euro regs.

So if this rule comes in we will no longer have such a vegetable here in the UK. Maybe we can re-name them Hardwick sprouts. We have a great crop this year, one of the best for a long time. So if you need to get fuelled up on this seasonal green thing that kids don’t like you’d better place an order for extras over the Xmas period. It is said that kids generally don’t like them as they tend to be bitter. This may well be true of conventional grown crops as they receive huge amounts of nitrogen to make them grow large and fungicides to stop them going off, but organic is often sweeter as a result of natural nitrogen being taken as the plant feels it needs to rather than being force fed. And with ours you can get the kids to pick them for you in the comfort of your own home as we supply them on the stalk, they keep really well like this too, put them outside in the garden to keep for a week or more. You will see that the sprouts are smaller than most supermarket crops, due to no nitrogen fertiliser.

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  1. Helen Wright
    Helen Wright says:

    We are finding it a challenge (but an enjoyable one!) to use all the brussel sprouts coming in the veg bag. There are loads of recipes on the internet so far apart for straight steaming we have had, roasted, raw as a salad, stir fried with other veg and fresh ginger. Tonight we are trying steamed and then coated with a mustard vinegarette and parmesan cheese.

  2. Jane Ivimey
    Jane Ivimey says:

    We like Sprout Soup! It changes the taste completely, so that you wouldn’t know you are eating sprouts, just something creamy and green. I make soup in my normal way; frying an onion then adding whatever vegetables are available or need to be used up, adding stock and simmering for about 20 mins. I then whizz the soup with either a hand blender or in a liquidiser and serve. Our children wouldn’t eat sprouts if they weren’t in soup. Adding lemon juice at the table improves most soups too. I like the sound of Helen’s ideas.


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