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Winter is well and truly here, not everybody’s favourite time of the year. It can be sometimes hard to get fully motivated when the days are so short, damp and cold, but in a way I have grown to enjoy some aspects of it. Certainly it is less work, in the summer I may end up working most daylight hours for some weeks, no chance of that this time of year, too dark! The pressure is much less just harvesting the fruits of our labours. All who work here do work incredibly hard during the summer and I expect they appreciate the reduced workload of the winter, more time spent in the shed dealing with sorting crops and packing. I can catch up with repairs and maintenance of all the machinery that tends to get neglected during the manic summer. Then there is the work of planning next year’s crops and the various trial and experiments that we are involved in. This winter sees the planting of our 4 acres of agro-forestry along with apple trees.

Those of you that are regular readers of my rambles are probably beginning to wonder why I have written nothing on weather, well what is there to say… been almost normal for a change. Oh that reminds me we had a big storm last month which took one of our tunnel covers away. Maybe tell you more some other time, this is the November newsletter bit late I know, need to get on and write the December one now.

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