Tolly of Tolhurst Organic celebrated as “organic pioneer” by the Soil Association

As a pioneer who has significantly contributed to organic food and farming over the last 40 years, Iain Tolhurst (Tolly) was honoured at a special event held during the Soil Association’s Annual Conference on 10 October.

Along with a  representative group of 15 organic farmers and growers, Tolly was awarded a plaque to acknowledge his dedication to both the Soil Association and the wider organic movement at a ceremony which also commemorated the 40th anniversary of Soil Association Certification Ltd. The ceremony was hosted by Soil Association President Monty Don and Chief Executive Helen Browning.
Speaking at the event, Helen Browning said: “I would like to say a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to the pioneers behind the organic food and drink market. This group of farmers, growers and food processors have been unequivocal supporters of the organic movement and the Soil Association for nearly 40 years. I’m sure that there wouldn’t be such an abundance of quality organic produce as there is in the UK today without their dedication and commitment. It’s wonderful to be celebrating their achievements, particularly following recent data which show the UK organic market is in growth again.”

Here is to Tolhurst Organic!

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