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June 2013

So, summer is officially with us and we have seen a rapid growing of our crops in the past few weeks. By next week the entire contents of the veggie bags will be ours, which is as big a relief for us as it will be for you I am sure. The only exception will be carrots possibly, as ours are a little way behind still. Tomatoes will be ready in a couple of weeks, they have been patiently growing in tunnels since the middle of February. You need a lot of patience in this job…

We now have potatoes, cabbage, green broccoli, kohlrabi, garlic, spring onions, green onions, courgettes, lettuce (several types/colours), beetroot, ruby chard, green chard, Solstice (black) radish, and a selection of herbs.

Abundance of fantastic! Fresh delicious produce usually heralds what we call the “summer drop”, when customer numbers begin to fall away until the end of summer. For us this is a huge problem, as it is hard to sell what we produce at this time of the year, so you can help us by passing your veggie bag to a neighbour or friend if you go away. They may well decide to become a regular and I am sure would appreciate your kind gesture.

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