What’s in season?

So what is seasonal right now? Not much to be honest, we are bang in the middle of the hungry gap, this being the time of little veg. A difficult time of the year if you are a box scheme and you wish to try and supply a decent variety of produce without importing from all over the planet, which is what the big national box schemes do. The cold late spring has held things up; which is why leeks are still good but lettuce are not quite ready. The sun is out and people start to think of tomatoes, yes they are growing well having been sowed in special facilities way back in mid February. The earliest ones are just starting to flower but they are still at least 5 weeks away from any fruit. Unlike the UK ones you see in shops right now grown in heated greenhouses sown last year in October and heated and lit the whole winter long their carbon footprint makes concrete look good!

But we do have some bunched green garlic, very tasty, salads as ever keep us with some real green leaves providing we keep sowing them as some bolt as soon as the sun comes out. Spinach is now on the second crop, the first one sown last October has fizzled out. Lovely green leaves to keep your strength up. Beetroot are almost ready there may be a few for the first week of June and spring greens are just about sprung, over a month later than normal. By the middle of June we will have a decent selection of crops and things start to get a whole lot more interesting, so if you can put up with us for just a few more weeks…

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